Winter School ‘’Eric Voegelin’’ Vatra Dornei, 20.02.2016-02.03.2016

This is a project of the “Eric Voegelin” Cultural Association, addressed to students who are interested in history, philosophy, law, international relations and politology.The chosen location is the town of Vatra Dornei, settled in the heart of the Oriental Carpathians, in a natural background, with green space and fresh air. The courses take place in two periods. The first part is dedicated to pupils, during winter, in January or February.

The principal aim is to contribute to the combat of the social exclusion and the lowering of the disparities in society and in different social groups. The content regards, in particular, actions which prove measurable results regarding to the reduction of the poverty and of social inequalities.

The project comes under “the Development of the rural interethnic communities” sub-strand. The contribution regards the long and medium term participation to the development of the interethnic disadvantaged communities and, implicitly, to the improvement of the situation of the Roma population.

The winter school is dedicated to the current problems regarding the minorities in Romania, their active implication and participation to the political, civic and cultural life. The event will take place between January and February, in Bucovina. Due to the complexity of this historical province of Romania (14 national minorities between the two wars), we have chosen a place where school activities and holiday atmosphere can be combined, in a well-known mountain resort regarding its cultural diversity, the thermal waters and the fresh air. Furthermore, in this place communities from the rural zone and the urban one can be reunited, and due to the proximity between Bucovina and Moldavia, respectively Bucovina and Transylvania, to the event can also participate exclusive communities for Moldavia and the Roman-catholic Csangos from Moldavia and the Romanian and Hungarian nationals. The representatives of Saxons and Székely from Transilvania can also participate.

The main activities of the school will be oriented towards the finding of some real, pragmatic solutions, in order to solve the actual problems of the above mentioned communities and not only. Thus, within the framework of the event will be organized sessions of information concerning the actuality of the minorities in Romania, workshops regarding the democracy, the fundamental rights, the transparence and the appropriate government, the participative democracy, the fight against racism and xenophobia, anti-discrimination, social inequalities, trainings and courses regarding the culture and history of these minorities.

The organizers wish that, in every of the ten days, a specific national minority who lived or still lives in Bucovina is presented.


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